Future plans

This is a list of things I’d like to change or install on the Landcruiser:


Body work: Grom is in need of some body work. Welding various parts of the body, all minor work. New parts of steel.

To renew:

  • Back-doors: Both
  • Front panel
  • Front fenders: Left and right

Dinitrol Rust protection: After the body work is done, Grom needs to be protected against rust. I will have it extensively protected. Even the headliner will be removed so I will be sure that the everything is covered by Dinitrol, or something comparable.

Water heater: I’d like to install a Webasto waterheater. I think it will be a Thermo Top P. Handy for winters, a real engine longevity extender and handy while overlanding to heat up the car inside. Most important: Very much engine friendly.

Intercooler: Also, better for the engine as turbo heating is reduced. A nice side effect is the power increase *grin*


Paint: I’ll give it a new paint. I am thinking about Matte grey. Looks very tough, in combination with black parts like black rims, bumpers

Black Rims: I like to have new rims, in black paint.

Bumpers: The actual ones are not that good anymore.

Grill: New one.

Xenon headlights: Much better light output, easy for travelling where dark areas are quite common.

Interior: I’d like to have the interior parts be renewed or fixed.

Airco repair: Would be nice if it will be fixed.

Rear Mirror: New one

For travelling:

  • Rooftent
  • Built-in waterfilter
  • Compressor
  • 24V->12V converter
  • 12V->220V converter
  • Camper conversion inside

Small things coming up:
- Straighten the steering wheel
- Tries to turn right when braking hard

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